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FoundeR & Designer

Aina Hatano

Founder & CEO

Aina is a social entrepreneur/ philanthropist who is passionate about empowering people who respect each other and are taking action to make the world a better place. 

She brings a solid understanding of business development, finance, branding, and social enterprise landscape by making the most of her previous studies and career.

She started her career at the No.1 internet company in Japan, as a M&A advisor and VC analyst, which brought up her entrepreneurial thinking with extensive experience collaborating with senior executive level of stakeholders all over the world. 

Since she started her own business, she has been working cross-functionally, across project teams and geographical borders on our global projects and builds a bespoke team for each project to achieve the best result.

◇ Certificate

  • BA, Economics,  Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

  • DP, Educational Psychology , Cambridge University, UK

  • Therapist, Coran Therapist School, Bangkok Thailand

  • Nutritionist for Athletes, Athlete Food Meister, Japan

  • Sommelier of Japanese Sake , Japan Sake Expert , Japan

" Life is a miracle adventure and we regard clients as partners in different adventures supporting relish the opportunity to accelerate their works with strong brand fundamentals.

Our philosophy stands on the fact that

Your thoughts create your world. 

Let's get your ideal goal and create an ideal world together."

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Waco Arakawa

Executive Designer

Waco has more than 35 years experience in fashion design industry.  She has been creating the latest trends especially in wedding dress design and through her career, she realised that fashion is not only for clothing but also for food and housing - core material for good lives.

Since 2010, she has advanced the new theory of fashion collaborating with courageous people creating new things.

She brings her extensive expertise in design and communication and works with Aina on processes and growth at Miracle Creator.

"I believe that fashion can make the world more beautiful and happier. 

Through our approach at Miracle Creator, we are not only achieving your target but also nurturing the next generation of talent and uncovering innovation.

It would be great if we could help to expand the value in your life creating new trends for a better life."

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