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Colonial Trade

Work description

Colonial Trade is a cutting-edge importer of Australian bio organic wines having a  strong passion to promote them to Japan. The Founder from Australia has been aware that Japan is the only one country where people have some negative  wrong image to "bio "&"Australian"wines because of failure to import and keep wines in proper way, and desired to correct it by serving a certain levels of the same wines which is totally different from ones in past. 

Miracle Creator concepted, designed, and built a unique tasting event from the ground up, creating a distinct SNS marketing and memorable food experience to set it apart in the world of wine tasting. This partnership has helped Colonial Trade to gain more customers who love not only his wines but also his passion.

organic bio wine

importer / enterprise

tasting event

Concept Making

Flyer Design

SNS Marketing

Location Advice 

​Food mariage ​

Full Catering service

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